What’s In Your Refrigerator?

What’s in your refrigerator?

My mom is great. And one of the most important things she taught me was how to grocery shop on a budget. I freely admit to being a coupon clipper, Dollar Store shopper and bargain hunter. But one of the things my mom taught me was how keeping certain staples could save you lots of money in the long run.

  • Frozen chicken breasts

Pour some Italian dressing over it and bake it at 350 for about an hour. Or throw it on the George Foreman grill.

  • Frozen fish fillets

While notably not as good as fresh fish, many stores sell bags of fish fillets. I usually buy perch when it’s a BOGO. Once it’s thawed, coat the fish in milk and breadcrumbs, then throw it in the oven. Serve it with a baked potato and veggie.

  • Milk

Gotta get your calcium.

  • Cheese and Turkey

I really want to know who those people are who think they can eat out every day at lunch and still have extra money at the end of the week. They’re obviously not journalists. Anyway, brown bagging it is the way to go, especially when you’re at your first job and trying to save your money. My typical sandwich is turkey and provolone on wheat. Yes, you can say it. BORING!

  • Pasta

Ok, technically, that’s in the cabinet above my stove, but you get the point. Pasta is easy, simple and a good fallback plan if you’re exhausted and have nothing else. I try to buy the whole wheat pasta when it goes on sale because it is higher in fiber than regular spaghetti.

  • Leftovers

I love cooking big meals on the weekend, but since it’s just me, I either have to pitch a lot or freeze it. And I hate wasting food. Right now, there’s half a pot of chili that I made last weekend in my freezer. I’ll pull it out in a few weeks and voile! Instant lunch or dinner!


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