Autumn and Pumpkin Bread

Happy Fall!

It doesn’t quite seem like fall in sunny Florida (or rainy Florida rather), but the calendar does tell me it’s October. And while I try to survive the Singapore-like humidity, I often daydream of what fall looks like in Pennsylvania. Orange colored leaves, comfy sweaters, hot apple cider and pumpkin patches galore. And while I can’t stand the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, I am generally a fan of all things pumpkin, particularly the pie.

I came across this recipe for pumpkin bread on one of my favorite food blogs for any easy pumpkin bread recipe. This I had to try and so Monday night, while I probably should have been getting ready for the next day’s hectic work schedule, I decided to get to work on the bread. The recipe, which Journal-Sentinel writer Alison Sherwood found here actually makes enough for two loafs of bread. Alas, I only own one bread pan. Do I really need two? So I took Alison’s advice and made one loaf of bread and one batch of muffins. The muffins were delivered to my office at 9 a.m. the next morning and were promptly gobbled up. I kept the bread for myself, which has been a nice complement to the morning oatmeal.

Tip: The bread calls for 55 minutes in the oven. The muffins won’t need nearly that long. I realized this about a half hour in. So, I would check them at about 25 minutes. Mine still turned out fabulous at 30, but I noticed that the bread was much moister than the muffins.

Other Tip: I forgot to buy ground cloves and raisins. It tastes fine without them.



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