New Recipes for the Coming Days/Week

Sorry for no writing this week. I got to hang out in Disney World for a few days for work. Sadly, that didn’t mean time with Mickey and Minnie.  But I did do my research for the week on some recipes I want to try. I recently discovered that Whole Foods has a recipe site. How I did not know this, I do not know. But I know now.

Anyway, coming up for the week…

From the kitchen of mom:  Sausage stuffed zucchini (I don’t have a link, my mom sent it to me. And I anticipate I will be calling her very confused), apple cake (not a new recipe, but a good fall food that I can take to my office of eager eaters) and zucchini parmesan (Very tasty, lots of cheese)

From Whole Foods:  Chicken tetrazzini (My mom used to make this when I was little. I love it)  and apple cheddar quesadillas.

From Simply Recipes: Pesto. I do love pesto. I’m thinking of mixing it with some wheat pasta for one night and maybe using it with chicken another night.

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