Some Health and Food News From the Week

Some news and notes from the week in health and food…

The Halloween menu guide from Bon Appetit. I have no idea what I ate on Halloween as a child, but I’m pretty sure it was more like pizza.

Soda taxes aren’t making a dent in the obesity problem in the U.S., researchers say.  Though the taxes are contributing to slightly lower consumption, it isn’t enough to cause significant weight loss. My guess is because when people go out to eat, they often order a soft drink. I don’t keep pop (Yes, I say pop. I grew up in western Pennsylvania) in my refrigerator at home, but I might get it once a week if I go out to lunch or need a sugar rush during a long or stressful work day.

Earlier this week, the FDA said they were going to review misleading food labels, and then, a few days later, put the plans on hold.

The cookie diet? Who wouldn’t love to eat cookies and melt away the pounds? But it might not really be good for you in the long run, the New York Times reports.

Marketing for breast cancer. You’ve seen the pink everywhere by now, I’d imagine.  It’s on Yoplait yogurt and Estee Lauder products, plus a lot of other stuff.  A look at the business side of it.


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