Healthy Menu for the Day

My food so far today is looking very diet friendly. I’m not on a diet per se, but I am trying to eat/cook healthier in general and create full menus for each day that reflect those changes. I figured tracking what I’m eating is a good way to start.

For breakfast, it was oatmeal (from the packet, I don’t have time to make my own),Yoplait yogurt, (Save those Yoplait tops for breast cancer!) and skim milk.

More than easy mac 006

I was good until just about noon, when I realized I was pretty hungry. So at about 12:30, I headed for my apartment to get some lunch. More roasted red pepper soup and a spinach leaf-apple salad topped with cheddar cheese.  Skim milk to drink. Not sure how long this will keep me full. I think I’m going to pack a snack of grapes with me to take back to the office.

More than easy mac 007

Making pork chops tonight. Hoping to try a new recipe!


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