Pork Chops With Some Sort of Jumbled Marinade

When traipsing through the Winn Dixie, I found pork chops on sale for BOGO. I love BOGOs! So, I put pork chops on the menu for tonight. Problem was, I didn’t know quite how to cook them.

The last few times I’ve made pork chops, I’ve done a caramel apple sauce over them, which is pretty good, but also very sugary. My mom suggested a McCormick spice mixture that you can buy at the store and throw in the microwave. I opted instead for a marinade of marmalade, soy sauce, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg that I’ve used on ham steaks. Ham, pork chop – it’s all the same animal. So, the marinade for the ham should taste good on the pork chop, right?

Yesssss! Very tasty marinade. Problem: I cooked them a little too long. I put them in for 35 minutes at 350 and they were pretty dry. I’d definitely use the marinade again. Forgot to take a picture. Ooops.


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