Best Lunch Ever!

I’m fairly convinced that peer pressure is made up when it comes to junior high schoolers. When it really kicks in is your early 20s. A few co-workers were trying to get me to go to lunch at a local fast food place, but I held strong and came home to make my lunch.

The result: Best sandwich wrap ever!!

More than easy mac 011

I got the idea this weekend paging through a copy of Cuisine that my mom had given me. It featured a caprese sandwich recipe. I had the main ingredients: mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto, so I decided I had to try it with a few changes. Unlike the recipe, which called for sourdough bread, I made mine on a wheat wrap. I also left out a few minor things like capers. For me, the mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto were enough.

The only problem I ran in to was that the water from the tomatoes made the wrap tear a little bit and so it was a little sloppy eating wise. But that didn’t affect the taste!

Ingredients: 1 wheat wrap, 1 tomato, part skim mozzarella cheese, and pesto

Directions: Cut tomatoes into small pieces, then take a slice of fresh mozzarella and also cut into small pieces. Spread pesto on the wrap, then place tomato and cheese on the wrap. Place on George Foreman and cook for 2-3  minutes (It was sizzling, so I opened up the Foreman and decided it was finished)

More than easy mac 010

Serve with apple slices and your beverage of choice (in my case, skim milk).


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