Pimping My New Favorite Blog

I was absolutely boring today food-wise and relied on leftovers. I had wheat pasta with pesto for lunch, using the homemade pesto I made Sunday night, and then more roasted red pepper soup and salad for dinner. Did I mention how much I like that soup?

And before you judge me for eating all that pasta, we should note that the plate looks disproportionately large in this photo. It’s actually about half the size of an actual dinner plate. It’s one of my tricks to avoid overeating.

More than easy mac 008

Despite my lack of motivation to cook something new tonight, I was scanning food blogs today for new recipes, when I came across this blog: Poor Girl Eats Well . Can I tell you how this may be one of my new favorite blogs? I’m a reporter, so trust me, I know about living on a budget. I’m totally in love with it (Or completely jealous and wishing I’d thought of that idea first).

I went over my grocery budget this past week by about $18.  It may have had something to do with the grocery store only have organic red peppers and me needing five of them (the soup was totally worth it though).

So, taking a cue from Poor Girl Eats Well, I’m going to try one of her $25 grocery trips for next week. I do my grocery shopping on the weekends, so I have until then to figure out what next week’s menu will entail and how I will keep costs down.

And check out Poor Girl Eats Well’s blog. It’s awesome.


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