Topping Yesterday’s Lunch

How do you make yesterday’s most amazing sandwich wrap even better? Add a cup of the super duper roasted red pepper soup! (I hereby swear to stop talking about the soup — mostly because I finally finished it up)

Note: As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had troubles with the wrap tearing because of the water from the tomatoes. An easy fix is to dry them with a paper towel. I tried that today and the wrap stayed in one piece.

More than easy mac 012

And to make that even better….

More than easy mac 013

Some apples and cinnamon! (Sorry the pic is so dark. The one with the flash kinda washed out the actual apples)

Directions: Wash and core one apple. Place apple slices in a microwave-safe bowl and micro on high for about a minute. Then cover with cinnamon.

I am so full right now. I want to take a nap. But, I’m thinking my editor would probably like me to go back and write a story. So, I’m going to do that instead. 🙂


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