Cheating On Cupcakes

I volunteered to make cupcake for my friend Lynn’s Halloween party tomorrow night. I was thinking something festive – pumpkin cupcakes with orange-colored cream cheese icing perhaps? I’d never made them from scratch before, so I figured this was the time to do it.

But after a long day Friday that left me wanting to do nothing more than run home and crawl into bed, I broke down. I cheated.

I marched down the baking aisle at Publix and picked up that Duncan Hines cake mix and icing. And with Ugly Betty on in the background, 24 cupcakes instantly appeared.

More than easy mac 015

I didn’t even bother buying food coloring to turn the icing orange. Though I am going in search of orange and black sprinkles tomorrow to make them slightly more Halloween-ish.

Directions: Go to the baking aisle, shell out a few bucks and buy your cake mix and icing of choice. Then, follow the directions on the box. Remember to buy the paper that goes into the cupcake tin.

More than easy mac 016

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