News and Notes

I slept in a little bit and decided to skip the final conference session and just relax. So, it gave me some time to do a little blogging before checking out of my hotel and meeting my friend Hannah, a copy editor at USA Today,  for lunch.

And now, some news from the food world…

High Carb Diets = Happiness?: The Los Angeles Times reports that people on high carb diets might be happier. This actually makes total sense to me. When I’m tired and grumpy (and hungry), I usually want some sort of bread or pasta dish and by the end of the meal, I’m fine.  Of course, this could all just be in my head.

This is a bit old,  but I just saw it. An interview with Ny Times’ food writer Mark Bittman.

FDA delays ban on the sale of raw oysters. This is a huge story in Florida as the seafood industry is quite important in many coastal areas.

The love dessert? A Colombian cooking school created a cocktail with passion fruit and viagra. Hmm. Not really sure what to say about that one.

Fifteen exec chefs (all women) reveal the secrets of their success at Philadelphia restaurants. This is making me miss Philadelphia. I haven’t been there in more than two years even though my aunt, uncle and cousin live there.


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