Out On The Town And Bugs

What’s one way to get your meal and margarita for free? Catch a bug strolling on out of your salad. Eeeew.

I met up with five of my friends from the college newspaper at an Arlington Mexico restaurant that my friend Krystle recommended (Note to anyone who is going to be in the metro D.C. area — it was Mexicali Blues) . We splurged on the chips and salsa, plus margaritas while we caught up and waited for our food to come.

Picture 002Krystle and me — post bug incident

I went with the fajita salad, and was about to take my second bite when I caught a bug walking out of the lettuce onto the edge of the plate. Though I was pretty calm about it,  and was simply going to flag our server to the table, Krystle had the manager at the table in less than 5 minutes where he told me I would receive my meal and drink for free.

My salad was quite good once I got the new one.


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