Oh Chocolate, How I Love You

After a few days of conferencing and lunches/dinners with friends from college, my friend Stephanie picked me up Saturday afternoon for two days of shopping and eating in D.C.

We went to our favorite Thai restaurant in Georgetown, but the best place we went to is the Artfully Chocolate/Kingsbury Chocolate, a truly extraordinary chocolate place near Stephanie’s apartment that I had seen mentioned in Bon Appetit.

To say that the whole place smells like chocolate is an understatement. When you walk in, you take a deep breath and are a little overwhelmed by the wonderful, rich smell of all of the chocolate everywhere around you.

Stephanie ordered a hot chocolate sampler… (Pictures courtesy of Stephanie’s BlackBerry)

And I went with vanilla ice cream, mixed with chunks of the store’s homemade brownies.

My quote of the night:  “From now on, I always want my ice cream in a margarita glass.”

Word of Advice: If you are in D.C. And you like chocolate, you must visit this store/cafe. There’s a location in Alexandria, Va. and one in downtown D.C. It’s glorious.


3 thoughts on “Oh Chocolate, How I Love You

  1. Oh my goodness you actually said something funny. “From now on, I always want my ice cream in a margarita glass.” So proud.

  2. I gained weight just walking in and smelling that place. Sooooo yummy!!! Only disappointment was the fact that they don’t do homemade ice cream. Even I do that!

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