Best Recipes Come From Friends

When I was in D.C., my friend Stephanie told me her easy recipe for portabella burgers, so I decided to make them for dinner tonight after I made a quick trip to Walmart for my groceries.

Ingredients: Two large portabella mushrooms and two wheat buns. For marinade, two tbsp of olive oil, two tbsp of soy sauce, and one garlic clove chopped finely. I also topped my burgers with fresh spinach leaves.

Directions: Rinse off the mushrooms and remove the stems. In a bowl, mix the olive oil, soy sauce and garlic. Coat both sides of the mushroom in the marinade. You may have some left over.

Broil mushrooms for four minutes on each side. Meanwhile, toast bun. (I put it on my Foreman grill)

These are so delicious!! I love them, and they’re so filling. Of course, if you’re craving beef, you might want to go with the regular version. But this is a healthier alternative. So good!

Instead of eating sides with it, I just had two of the “burgers.” And, though that sounds bad, keep in mind, you’re eating a mushroom, so this still ends up being really healthy.

Two mushrooms — 44 calories

2 tbps  olive oil — 240 calories

2 tbsp soy sauce — 10 calories

1 clove of garlic — 4 calories

2 wheat buns — 80 calories each

Total: 458 calories, except it’s actually less than that because I didn’t use all of the marinade.  Super healthy dinner win for me!


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