This Week’s News

Happy Saturday morning!

Well, it’s the weekend finally and almost Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to fly home on Wednesday, even though it will involve a very long drive to the Jacksonville airport. But in the spirit of being thankful, I called my mom last night to tell her how thankful I was for her. One of my friend’s has been going through some hard times lately and her mom hasn’t been there for her, and I don’t know what I’d do without my mom.

During this conversation, she also told me how ridiculous it was that I didn’t know that I needed to put cheese on top of the lasagna to avoid the noodles drying out and that my pictures made the lasagna look pretty gross. “You have seen lasagna before, right Kathleen?” And of course the answer is yes because my mom makes it for Christmas Eve dinner every year.

Oh well, this blog isn’t about dishing up perfect culinary delights. It’s about learning, and I admit my lasagna looked quite disastrous. And now I know. So there.

Anyway, on to this week’s news and notes in food.

Thanksgiving on a budget from Epicurious, a partner of Bon Appetit. Who doesn’t like budget friendly ideas, particularly with the Christmas shopping season around the corner? I’m not responsible for cooking the meal on Thursday (which is probably a good thing — I’ve never made a turkey before), but if I were, this page has some great tips.

Leggo my Eggo! There’s a shortage of Eggo waffles! How will we survive? Actually, I don’t really know when the last time was I bought Eggo waffles. Let’s just say I was probably living with my parents. The AJC reports that Kellogg, which makes the waffles, said that the shortage is due to the flooding of an Atlanta plant where the food is made.

Food pantries are seeing a demand for free food rise with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. With the tough economy, families still need a bit of help feeding everyone. So, make a donation to your local food pantry. Tip: If you go caroling this year, ask for a food pantry donation. Related: Washington Post’s take on food insecurity.

A measure to overhaul the nation’s food safety system could come to a vote early next year. But it’s still unclear where the money ($4 billion over five years according to the Star-Ledger) would come from.

How to Cook Dinner For the World’s Greatest Chef is the title of a piece out in Esquire where the writer invites chef Thomas Keller over to his house for dinner and cooks from one of Keller’s cookbooks. Keller owns several award-winning restaurants and is the author of several cookbooks, including the new Ad Hoc at Home, which came out last month.


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