The Wonderful World Of Airport Food

Airports aren’t the easiest place to find healthy food. My colleague Shannon who works across the hall blogged about it recently on her fitness blog (in addition to being a journalist, she is a spin instructor. She may be the most fit person I know) and I am adding my voice to the chorus.

I normally don’t think about it before I get to the airport, but luckily, I happened to read Shannon’s blog and decided to plan ahead. I usually eat at Chili’s if I have time to sit down and eat before my flight, but I have looked at their nutritional content before and decided that maybe I should go for something healthier the day before the biggest eating day of the year.

Last year, Forbes wrote about the best/healthiest places to eat in the country’s busiest airports.

I had this whole great plan of stopping at Subway, home of Jared, but I got a late start today and didn’t make it.  Total fail. I wound up getting a sandwich at Atlanta Bread when I got to Atlanta instead.

But, I did make a stop at Freshens in the Jax airport! I always get a smoothie when I’m in that airport. No idea why, just a habit.

OK, time to do some work and read a little bit. Ninety minutes until my flight leaves for Pittsburgh! Should get in at about 9 p.m. So excited!!


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