I <3 Champagne

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving. It seems like my family was just celebrating it last year. I got in last night at about 9 p.m., too late to really help my mom with any of the prep work, so I just get to eat and drink.

(I took a pic of my mom making Thanksgiving dinner, but she told me if I posted it, she would get the computer science department at Carnegie  Mellon to destroy the blog.)

Anyway, Mom has decided she’s  going to switch things up on us this year and make a new holiday cocktail. She likes to make special drinks for holidays or other special occasions. Nobody really objects to this, obviously.

I don’t know the recipe yet, but I’m seeing triple sec, vodka and champagne in the kitchen.

So, I figured I’d share our traditional holiday cocktail, which I really could drink all day. It’s so tasty!

Ingredients: 2 cups cranberry juice, carton of frozen strawberries, 1 bottle of champagne

Directions: Put strawberries in blender and mix. Then move them to a pitcher and add the cranberry juice and champagne. Stir and drink up!!


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