The Day After Turkey Day

Happy Black Friday, everyone!

I hope that you are all appropriately stuffed full of turkey, stuffing, vegetables and pumpkin pie and are moving on to other holiday weekend activities. After dinner yesterday and breakfast with my grandpa this morning, I will not be eating for a while. Though apparently my Mom is making rolled steak for dinner either tonight or tomorrow, so that’s a lie. (She tries to cook good dinners when I’m home. I love my Mom.)

And it snowed this morning! (I highly enjoy snow)

I won’t be cooking until I get back to Florida on Sunday, so probably no new recipes from me, unless I steal my mom’s rolled steak one.  But I am trying to figure out what I should make for a Christmas potluck my friends and I are having in two weeks. I think I need to do either a side dish or a dessert. Any ideas? I liked this cookie recipe from Bon Appetit. (I had the magazine with me to read on the plane ride.)

My mom is suggesting hors d’oeuvres like a crab ball that she makes every Christmas or sausage puffs, which is this amazing mixture of cheddar cheese, bisquick and sausage. I’m also contemplating a crab cake recipe that my friend Ashley sent me for a cookbook I’m putting together of all my grad school friends’ favorite recipes. We’re a close bunch and we used to have potlucks all the time. So, a cookbook seemed appropriate.

Also, completely unrelated, but just for random fun — things to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.

Happy shopping!


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