A Snapshot of America’s Food Issues

Greetings and happy Saturday to you all, wherever you may be. I’m still hanging out in Pennsylvania enjoying a nice holiday weekend at my parents’ home and hoping that some Christmas decorating may take place soon.  I love decorating for Christmas and I think my childhood home looks especially nice when filled with garland, lights and other Christmasy things.

I took a few minutes to do some reading on food issues and came up with a few articles to share. The basic theme seems to be is that America is hungry, despite the obesity problem. Yet, restaurants are trying to serve healthier options.

And so with that, some news…

Food stamps estimate raises debate over poverty (AP). Basically, it’s been estimated that at least half of kids in the U.S. will be on food stamps at least once during their childhood. However, the debate is over what that means. Not everyone buys the idea that if you are on food stamps that you are impoverished though.  So that’s where the policy analysts start arguing.

Another voice to the chorus about airport food being bad for your health! Someone read my blog post. OK, not really. But the Baltimore Sun blogged about a recent survey ranking airport food choices based on their healthiness.

Dining Predictions for 2010 from Nation’s Restaurant Review. The industry publication notes that restaurants will continue to jump on the healthy bandwagon as big chains start offering healthier options. Definitely good to know.

OK, that was a short news update. But, it’s a busy day. Hope you all have a good holiday weekend!


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