Mom’s Home Cooking

Deck the halls…

The Christmas decorations were pulled out of boxes and unveiled for the world to see, at least the world that enters the Haughney house. We only decorated the upstairs today, but it meant we got to pull out all of the beautiful Santas that my grandma collected over the years. My mom also started a tradition when I was in 5th or 6th grade of giving my sister and me a Santa figure every year. But, we ended up with so many that she has now moved on to ornaments.

Anyway, on to food. My Mom made one of my favorite dishes last night — rolled steak. It’s basically steak and stuffing in one whole swoop. And it made me a very happy camper. I grabbed the recipe card this morning and wrote down the recipe so I could try it at some point. My mom had to interpret some of her notes for me (I need precise directions), so if I missed a step and they’re not precise, let me know.

Ingredients: Top round steak, 6 tsp prepared mustard, 1 cup minced onion, bacon (1 slice per roll), 2 cups beef broth, 2 bay leaves, fresh ground pepper, 1 tbsp paprika, ¼ cup flour, 2 lemons sliced and studded with cloves, 1 tsp sugar

Stuffing — Bread (1 ½ slices per roll of steak), salt and pepper to taste, some melted butter. If still not moist enough, add some water.

Directions: Pound steaks to ¼ inch thickness. Pierce deeply with a fork. Spread each piece with mustard, stuffing and onion. Crumble one strip of backon on each piece. Roll meat, tuck in ends and tie securely with string.

In reserved bacon drippings, saute remaining onion until transparent. Add beef and brown on all sides. Add broth, bay leaves, pepper, and paprika. Simmer covered for 45 minutes.

Remove rolls and thicken broth with flour and water. Add lemon and sugar. Stir until smooth. Return beef to pan and simmer for 10 minutes.

<a title=”Top Round Steak on Foodista” href=””><img alt=”Top Round Steak on Foodista” src=”; style=”border:none;width:300px;height:175px;” /></a>


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