Going Veggie For A Week

I’ve made a decision. I’m going to become a vegetarian.

OK, not really.  I enjoy steak too much to become a vegetarian. However, I have many friends who have chosen not to eat meat. Some for religious reasons, others for dietary and some because of the treatment of animals. My best friend from college recently gave up meat, though she is still eating fish.

I’m more of the school that everything, including meat, should be eaten in moderation. And I know some people who have gone vegetarian and instead of learning new recipes full of plants, relied on pasta. Eating pasta every day is bad news too.

Furthermore, a little fat is needed in your diet, which you could get from meat. Though obviously, you don’t want to get too much.

So, I decided to see if I could come up with a weeks worth of menus that are vegetarian without getting bored. My problem is that I fell back on old recipes that  already know how to make.  And I did put fish in there once, so that’s a slight cheat.

Keep in mind, I have the butternut squash soup sitting in the freezer, so I’m already going one step in the right direction.

Here’s my grocery list for when I get back to Tallahassee. (I’m sensing it will be a Walmart trip given that it’s full of produce and I want to keep my bill as low as possible).

More Than Easy Mac’s Grocery List

Portabella mushrooms (for portabella burgers)

2 bags of spinach leaves

1 package of basil

2 tomatoes

1 eggplant

1 zucchini

whole wheat wraps

1 onion

mozzarella (The block of it, not shredded)

bag of apples

1 red pepper

tomato sauce



Well, I’m off to the Pittsburgh airport in about a half hour. See you in Tally!


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