Four Christmas Parties In A Week — Eeek!

I realize this is a week away, but I’ve just been informed that there will be a fourth Christmas party on my agenda for next week. Luckily, I am only required to cook/bake for three of these gatherings, but I hadn’t really planned anything out yet, other than just toying with a few ideas.

And on top of that, next week is going to be crazy busy at work!

OK, so here’s the plan, newly established.

Tuesday — Christmas tree lighting at the Governor’s mansion. I don’t have to do anything for that other than contribute a book for foster children.

Thursday– My company Christmas party that the rest of the Tallahassee press corps is invited to. This should be awesome. There has been talk of a pig roast and beer tasting, but our biz manager is asking the rest of us to bring some small side dishes/appetizers/desserts to cut down on costs. My plan is sausage balls. They are this great combo of bisquick, cheddar cheese and sausage. They’re a staple at my family’s holiday festivities.

Friday — The building Christmas party. Our landlords throw a potluck lunch every December. I brought peanut butter-chocolate bars last year, and need to figure out what I’m doing this year. Peanut butter blossoms perhaps? (The peanut butter ones with the chocolate kiss in them. Love those!)

Saturday — Potluck at my friend Lynn’s. She’s making turkey, one coworker is making shrimp curry and another friend is talking about a potato dish. I’m thinking I should make a vegetable combo of some sort to balance it out. My grad school pal Andrea has a great cheesy vegetable dish, but I might also just bring a huge salad. Spinach leaves, apple slices and feta cheese. Plus, this cookie recipe.

Sunday — Sleep.

I’ll worry about New Years later.


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