A Veggie Update

I have this problem, and it’s called Chinese food.

I failed at being a vegetarian by Tuesday at lunch. Two of my friends said Chinese and I could not object. I was starving and I love Chinese food. I did think going in that it wouldn’t be so hard to just stick to the vegetables and keep up my week-long vegetarianism goal.

Um yeah, right. General Tso’s, here I come.

I rebounded at dinner with a tomato/mozzarella wrap, but was still feeling a bit guilty about my slip up. I’m planning on soup and salad for lunch today and roasted veggies tonight. So yeah, basically, I suck at being a vegetarian. I can’t do it. I think it proves though that everything in moderation is the best way to go.

I will eat mostly non meat foods throughout the week, but I need it every once in a while.

The rest of the week’s veggie menus are as follows.


B — Oatmeal and a banana

L– Butternut squash soup and apple-spinach salad

D– Roasted vegetables


B– Eggs and warm apples with cinnamon

L — Repeat of the soup and salad; almonds or popcorn for a snack

D — Eggplant parmesan


B– Oatmeal

L — Eggplant parmesan leftovers

D– Tomato/mozzarella/pesto wrap; warm apples with cinnamon


B– Eggs

L — Boca burger or tomato/mozz/pesto wrap and soup

D — Probably more eggplant parm leftovers (It’s tough cooking for one person sometimes; I have leftovers for days)

One thought on “A Veggie Update

  1. LOL Kathleen. Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you have to eat salad every day . I often eat a sandwich made with hummus, red peppers, and some wheat pita with spinach. Hard boiled eggs are an easy addition as well. Peanutbutter and Jelly is a personal favorite. And many chinese places have vegetarian options….

    (just for the record, I would not consider myself a vegetarian. More like an occasional meat eater.)

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