The French, Butchers and Chemistry

Ugh, I’m up far to early on a Saturday thanks to an 8 a.m. hair appointment. Not sure whose idea that was.  🙂

So, as I try to wake up, here is the food news from the week (or at least the articles I liked.)

* As a way to get you to go out and spend money on your favorite foodie this holiday season, English writer Paul Levy profiles some of the best cookbooks for the year. He did all the prices in pounds, and no, I did not attempt to do the conversions.

* A classic French cookbook, “Je sais cusiner,” has been translated into English, reports. The title’s literal translation is “I Know How to Cook.”

* Another WSJ piece on cooking, this time involving chemistry. If only  Mrs. Bender had taught stoichiometry as it related to cooking, I might have done better in chem.

* An interview with Julie Powell about her new book where she learns how to be a butcher.

* A rise in obesity may cancel out national health gains made from fewer people smoking.

OK, off to the hair salon. Cookie baking and tree decorating later on!!


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