Rain, Rain, Go Away…

It’s pouring outside and just the type of day that makes you think you want to stay in bed all day.

I have survived my week of parties! There’s one  more tonight, but I have all day to rest, run errands, cook, etc. And, we should also note that I learned yesterday that even at 7:30 a.m. on the day of a potluck, I should never make plain Bisquick rolls. They were so incredibly bland. It was just bad. Ugh! Oh well.  (This probably means I shouldn’t post about Bisquick rolls so early in the morning as well)

But, it’s Saturday! My big exciting day’s agenda is as follows.

* Gym (Haven’t been there in about a week — not good)

* Grocery shopping

* Baking cookies and preparing salad for party while watching a  Christmas movie 🙂

* Perhaps putting together the dining room chairs that have been sitting in parts in my living room for a week

OK, enough rambling from me.  Here’s the news and notes for the week! had a great little blog mention about how more Americans are using microwave dinners now that the economy is down. People are “cooking” at home to save money, but cooking means just popping something in the micro.

Shape Magazine has four ways to burn off the holiday calories. My guess is this doesn’t include my activity for this past week, which was party hopping.  (OK, that sounds ridiculous. I was at a lot of parties, but they certainly weren’t wild and crazy.)

Happy Hannukah! Bon Appetit has an interesting slide show about Jewish communities in Mexico and their foods.

Rockin’ around the Christmas tree… Paula Deen says don’t let a tight budget kill the party. OK, Paula.

A nice touching holiday story. A top chef teach the less fortunate how to cook for less, while still making good choices. They talk about everything from nutrition labels to cost effective meals.

Spain is going to open its first cooking school based on science. The Basque Culinary Center will house the future University for Gastronomical Science and the Center for Gastronomical Research and Innovation. It’s set to open in September 2011. Kinda cool.

And finally, Mark Bittman talks to the Today Show about cooking homemade meals in a hurry when you have guests to feed. I could have used this a week ago, Mark.

And I’m out! Time to tackle that to-do list (and eat breakfast too).


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