Healthy, Cheap Meals

Happy Sunday!

I survived my week of parties and had so much fun, despite the stress of it. The final menu at last night’s potluck was as follows: Deep fried turkey, mac ‘n’ cheese, shrimp curry, apple-spinach salad,  broccoli slaw, three types of cake, the chocolate peppermint bark cookies and drinks. We were all really happy and full by the end.

We also had an amazing cocktail that my friend Lynn invented at her Halloween party. It consists of vanilla ice cream, ice and rum. She also sometimes puts daiquiri mix in it, but it’s been decided that just the vanilla ice cream taste is better.  🙂

Sadly, we didn’t really take pics. No idea why.

Anyway, on to more pressing matters, the menu of the week. I try to make out my menus a week ahead of time so that I can plan for economical and healthy grocery shopping.  My mom was pretty good at teaching my sister and me to eat balanced meals and how to be thrifty.

I spend anywhere from $30 to $50 on groceries per week. It usually only hits upward of $40 if there are a lot of baking items or wine in my shopping cart, which has been normal for December. I also try to make one big dish that yields leftovers.  And I buy frozen chicken and fish in bulk every few months as well, so it’s not always on my list.

I’m finishing up some leftovers for today, but here’s the rest of the week. I’m not including breakfast, but I usually choose between oatmeal and fruit or scrambled eggs and fruit.

So here, it goes.


L: Salad and soup, 2 clementines, cookie

D: Chicken pesto wrap, some salad


L:  Tomato/mozzarella/pesto wrap grilled on the Foreman, warm apple slices with cinnamon

D: Sausage dish (A stew that is basically Italian sausage, mushrooms, stewed tomatoes and a bunch of spices)


L: Portabella burgers, two clementines

D: Fish and veggies


L: Apple/cheddar quesadilla

D: Sausage dish leftovers


L: – Out probably

D: Tomato/mozzarella /pesto wrap, some fruit

OK, gotta head to the gym to work off all these parties. 🙂 Then I have to finish putting the dining room table chairs together. If there’s some extra time, I might attempt gingerbread cookies.

But first, a clip from another favorite Christmas movie — Love Actually.

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