Six Days ‘Til Christmas!

It’s six days til Christmas and I still don’t have a gift for my grandpa (aka one of the best men I know). I’ve wandered around Brookstone, scanned online shops, and nothing.  His approach is that if he wants something, he’ll go out and buy it. So, he never waits for one of his granddaughters or daughter to buy him something. It makes shopping very tough.

Anyway, news and notes for the week.

*Gotta start this week off with an article about my hometown! A Pittsburgh/Western PA culinary tradition was highlighted in the New York Times this past week.  You see, in western PA, it’s very common to have tables and tables of cookies at weddings.  And if you think it’s strange, consider that while you are waiting for the wedding party to arrive, you will have cookies to munch on. You don’t think it’s such a bad idea now, do you? I actually did not know that this was a Pittsburgh tradition until my college roommate (who married a guy from my neck of the woods) said she didn’t understand why her future mother-in-law was obsessing over baking cookies for the wedding. When I replied “well because of the cookie table,” she and our other roommate looked at me like I was out of my mind. Now, they have completely come around to the amazingness of the cookie table. Sadly, I didn’t take a picture of my friend Lauren’s cookie table from her wedding in June 2008. She had two or three banquet tables loaded with treats. Everyone was talking about it.

* Shout out to the Post College Kitchen Blog! Alison at the Journal-Sentinel has two great gift lists on her blog. One for cooks and one for everyone who likes to eat. I did my own “Learning-to-cook” gift list earlier this week.

* Tampa Bay Rays (I suppose if I need to adopt a Fla. baseball team I’ll pick them)  manager Joe Maddon cooks a “Thanksmas” dinner for all sorts in the bay area this past week.  There was apparently a lot of sauce, sausage, pierogies, and pasta purchased.

* Top 10 tips for Christmas cooking from The Times in London. Pretty much applies for any time you’re doing a big dinner involving turkey. (We do ham at my family’s Christmas dinner, so I only worry about turkey on Thanksgiving)

OK, that’s all for now! Gotta get moving. Lots to do today.

* Six mile walk with my friend Lynn

* Clean the apartment (it’s atrocious)

* Laundry

* Gingerbread cookies perhaps!

* Oh, and I really need to put that last chair together. 🙂

Have a fabulous Saturday!


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