More Than Easy Mac v. The Kitchen

It hasn’t been a good two days for cooking.

First, RIP mixer. You got me through so many batches of chocolate chip cookies. You will be missed.

When I got home from work today, I checked to see if it were really true. Had I indeed — or had the molasses — killed my mixer?  Sadly, it was true.

Then, I realized that I was almost out of basil.

I have never finished a spice before, which is not really a problem per se. But it does mean that I’ve lived in one place long enough to finish off a bottle of spices. Sigh. Another sign I’m actually a grown up. Also a sign that I just use a lot of basil. In second is oregano, and then there’s a three-way tie for third among chili, cinnamon and rosemary.

When I got home from the gym, I decided to make portabella burgers, but the realized I had no burger buns. So, I chopped up the pieces and had them on a tortilla instead with a side of apple sauce. I wasn’t too hungry because I had chinese for lunch.

Looks tasty, but it was also a mess, and soon there was mushroom juice running down my arm. I just couldn’t win. Thank goodness I’m not in charge of Christmas dinner.  🙂

Anyway, enough complaining/mourning my cooking faults! It’s almost Christmas! Only four days to go, and only two days until I’m in Pittsburgh with my mom and dad and sister. Yay!  My sister and I figured out some last minute Christmas presents via AIM while I was at work today, and I’m feeling considerably calmer than I was yesterday. Phew!

I won’t be cooking much over the next few days other than maybe helping my mom with something (or just getting in her way), but I’ll try to steal some of her recipes as I think of it when I’m home.

For now, I have to make some chocolate chip cookies real quick. I’ve been meaning to take cookies over to the Ronald McDonald house for a few weeks now, and I still haven’t done it. And since I’m leaving at 6 a.m. Wednesday, this is my last chance to get something over there.

I also am watching Elf for the first time. I have only ever caught the ending of it on TV and my sister has been chastising me for the past month about it. So, I rented it on iTunes. Such a cute movie so far!

So, just for fun, a scene from Elf.


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