Last Minute Shopping

Happy Christmas Eve, everybody!

I hope everyone has had safe travels to wherever and is enjoying some last minute Christmas preparations, cookie eating or carol singing.

My Dad and Mom just finished up work, and we’re all heading out to lunch soon. 🙂

My sister Sarah and I were up early this morning to do some last minute shopping. We usually aren’t Christmas Eve shoppers, but the store we thought had part of the gift we wanted to get our Mom didn’t have it when she stopped there a few days ago.

But crisis averted, we found the gift and were back at the house by 10:30 to help my mom do some cleaning.

We had also stopped at the grocery store and liquor store to pick up some ingredients for the Christmas cocktail my sister picked out of my Mom’s Rachel Ray cookbook.

The cookbook was purchased after my Dad and I accidentally both bought my mom a new biography on Paul Newman for her bday last spring. (She loves Paul Newman) So, she took one back and bought the cookbook.

The whole family is now a fan of the cookbook, which has yielded several delicious recipes.

Here’s the recipe for Champagne Freezes (makes 2 serving from “Rachel Ray: 30 Minute Meals,” pg. 266.

Ingredients: 4 scoops lemon sorbet, 2 oz. chilled vodka, 2 oz sparkling wine or champagne, 2 sprigs of fresh mint (my mom decided we’re going sans mint)

Directions: Blend lemon sorbet on low speed and pour in vodka and champagne/wine. Pour into chilled martini glasses and serve, “garnished with a sprig of mint.”

Can’t wait to try it tomorrow!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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