Merry Christmas!!

It’s Christmas!

Christmas Eve was beautiful as usual, with a lasagna dinner and a candlelight service at my family’s church. Our church is also pretty lucky to have some classically trained musicians. My sister’s friend Michael sings “Oh Holy Night” every year, and it’s just beautiful.

My Mom, Dad, Sarah and I already exchanged gifts and we’re waiting on my grandpa to arrive. Sadly there was freezing rain this morning, so he’ll probably be a bit later than normal. But I’d rather he be safe.

Mom is already in the kitchen working her magic. I believe potatoes are currently being sliced for scalloped potatoes. Here’s the menu so far.


Sausage balls

Crab ball and cheese with crackers




Scalloped potatoes


Green Beans


A lot of cookies…chocolate chip, peanut butter bars, 7-layer and shortbread.

OK, that’s it for now! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Today’s clip is from one of my sister’s and my favorites — A Disney Christmas Carol. This is part 1.


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