The Day After

Happy Day After Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, full of nice family time, good food and maybe a gift or two. Santa visited my parents’ house and as tradition, my sister and I opened our gifts from Santa in the morning, then waited for our grandpa to arrive.

He brought me… a new camera! Yay!

I need to get a memory card, so I don’t have any new pictures with it. But I’m sure you will see some soon. 🙂

Today should be pretty relaxing. My sister and I are taking our friend Sara (who we used to babysit — she’s now in high school and has a license!) to lunch, and then, I might meet up with my college roommate Jess and her husband, who will be visiting family in the next town over. Oh, the holidays.

Anyway, I was doing my health/food news search this morning and came up with a few good ones. Enjoy and have a great holiday weekend!

* Gino, a legendary restaurant in New York’s Upper East Side, may be biting the dust, the NY Post reports. With the troubled economy, the restaurant has been struggling.

* Cook Your Way Rich and Thin in 2010. Who doesn’t love this headline? The Huffington Post composes a list of sensible cooking cookbooks.

* Most healthy eating magazines tell you that restaurant eating is the culprit in many of our diets. But, the San Francisco Chronicle writes that the “calorie culprit” may be home cooking.

* Soup! I love soup, especially during the fall and winter. The Washington Post shares a few soup recipes guaranteed to simmer on your stove and make your house/apartment smell like something good.

* The FDA isn’t too thrilled with Nestle right now, chastising the food company for mislabeling some of its products, Money Times reports.

OK, that’s it for me! Gotta get moving. Hope you all have a fun, happy weekend!

And just because I don’t really consider Christmas over until about Jan. 6, here’s another Christmas clip.

A Christmas Story runs for 24 hours every Christmas (Or at least it has for the last several years). It’s one of my sister’s faves.


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