My Back on Track Challenge

I made a surprising discovery this morning. I hadn’t gained any weight since Thanksgiving, despite some really horrible eating. Lots of cookies, wine and other not-so-healthy options were my main foods for the past few weeks. And I hadn’t been to the gym as much because of social engagements.

But even though I haven’t gained weight from the holiday food (which was wonderful by the way), I’m still feeling a little sluggish from all the fatty and sugary foods combined with the lack of exercise. So, this is officially my “Get Back on Track” week as I head into the New Year. I should probably extend it to the whole next month actually to make up for December.

Confession: I got the idea from Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point, who declared a Back on Track month at the end of October.


Limit eating out to once a week unless for a special occasion.

Try to cook as many veggie-friendly meals as possible/limit red meat

Do 20 miles per week (can be combo of walking, jogging, ellipticalling)

Awake by 7 a.m. every day

8 hours of sleep

I also set out a menu for this week while I was waiting for one of my flights yesterday and went grocery shopping. But I confess I got a few Christmas presents for myself. 🙂

A new frame for a picture that Sarah and I had taken at Target over Thanksgiving.

A new mixer, following the gingerbread incident.

And…Julie and Julia. I still haven’t seen that movie. Can you believe it? I’m a huge fan of the book, but for whatever reason, I never made it to the movie theater this summer to see it.  So, I bought it while I was at Walmart today.

Anyway, in total seriousness, the Back on Track, first week menu.


Dinner – Gourmet grilled cheese, soup (Ok, not the healthiest thing in my fridge, but I’m really tired and just want comfort food)

B- Breakfast burrito
L—Quasi business lunch at local Italian place. Will try to get soup and salad.
D —  Tuna stuffed pepper

B– Oatmeal
L– Potato soup, salad
D —  Chicken in Italian dressing


B– Oatmeal
L—Portabella burgers
D– New Years Eve party

L—WFTR (an acronym borrowed from Mom – Whatever Falls Out of the Refrigerator)
D–  Probably more soup, salad

I’m gonna get back to exercising tomorrow. Still just wiped out from the traveling.


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