Favorite New Recipes of 2009

In another 11.5 hours it will be 2010!

Wow, it’s been a weird year — my whole one as an actual grown up I guess.  I turned 24, worried that my company might fold, celebrated one year on my very first job, lost one of my dearest friends to a heart attack, and have somehow adjusted to life in Tallahassee.

It wasn’t the easiest year for sure, and there were definitely a few tears shed, but I’m also happy and proud that I was able to make it through without fleeing back to Pennsylvania. I admit to thinking about it a few times.

The thing about living 17 hours from your parents, and anywhere from 14-17 hours away from the majority of your friends is that it helps you learn a lot about yourself.  You learn how strong you can be and how to do things that you may have relied on other people for in the past. It also introduces you to different types of people and experiences that you may have not come upon in a previous life.

On a lifestyle front,  it also makes you question what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising.  I’ve lost a tiny bit of weight since last year, but regardless of what my weight is,  I’m making better choices and taking exercise more seriously.  I’ve also been trying to learn to cook better, beyond the really basic stuff, as is evidenced by this blog. (Though, this week has been all about easy-to-make recipes.)

So, in honor of 2010, here are my favorite recipes from the year, all entirely  new ones that I came upon in my ongoing journey to become a better cook.

Apple-sausage Risotto

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Tomato-Mozzarella-Pesto Wrap

Pumpkin Bread

Wishing you all a Happy 2010!


One thought on “Favorite New Recipes of 2009

  1. Amen to what you said about living XX hours away from family and friends. It forces you to put yourself out there and try new things. It’s hard. But slowly you find that you’re building a new life in your new location, and the results (making friends, learning to love where you are) are more rewarding when you’ve had to work to get there.

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