Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a Rockin’ New Year’s  Eve and is excited for 2010. My friend/coworker Keith had a party last night where there was a lot of Wii going on.

And I made brownies! (Cheated though and used the box kind. A few of my guy friends have been requesting them, so I decided to be nice and make them.)

This was the spread. The brownies were gone by the time I took the picture…

Now today, I’m relaxing and getting ready for the PSU/LSU match up in the Capitol One Bowl.  If you are an LSU fan, you are banned from the blog today.

Kidding. 🙂 But everyone better be rooting for Penn State.

Throwback pic of my friends Sarah, Kim and I about to embark on a road trip to Tampa for New Years 2007 for the Outback Bowl. This was taken at about 5:30 a.m.

I, meanwhile, am thinking about New Years resolutions.

Why is it that everyone makes a resolution in the New Year? Wikipedia tells me the custom stems from Judaism, specifically Rosh Hashanah where members of the Jewish faith are asked to reflect on their wrongdoings form the year and aim for self improvement.

So, as to not break tradition, here are some resolutions.

I resolve to…

  • Cook one new recipe per week. The first one will be easy teriyaki chicken from my crock pot cookbook.
  • Go to the gym at least four days per week. That’s about what I try do now, but I want to be able to maintain that.
  • To actually use the Italian CDs I bought a few years ago and try to learn the language.  I need to find them first though. 🙂

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