Good Morning!!

Happy Saturday!

After lazing about yesterday trying to recover from my New Year’s Eve, I got up early this morning and headed to a new gym that was having a grand opening (i.e. free classes for today) because my friend Shannon was teaching a free spin class.

I was a spin class newbie and there was one point where I thought I wasn’t going to make it. But I rocked it in a “just get through the first class” type of way.  Sadly, my gym doesn’t offer classes so I don’t know if I’ll be going to any more, but it was really fun.

So, on to news from the week.

As it is the new year, I feel like I should include the requisite healthy eating/get in shape for 2010 articles. So here’s Shape’s take on keeping your resolutions, Self’s Jumpstart 2010 and Glamour’s 10 Ways to Reverse Holiday Weight Gain.

OK, now on to other news.

The Food Network has a new show about teaching people to cook. Though I say I’m learning to cook, I think I’m probably a step above the people in this show. An article from the LA Times.

Restaurants in California are now not allowed to use trans fat in their cooking. California was the first state to ban the use of trans fat at restaurants, though New York City banned it in 2006, according to an article from KGO-TV San Francisco. Will more states follow the trend?

The San Antonio Express teaches us how to make French Onion Soup. I love, love, love French Onion Soup. (Panera, anyone?) However, I have only made it once and it was awful, way too salty.  Maybe I should watch the slideshow and try again.

And finally, 12 Cooking and Baking Resolutions from Good Morning America. I’ve already resolved to cook one new recipe per week, but I might take a look at a few of the suggestions here, particularly the one that says to learn all about chocolate. 🙂


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