Weekly Menu 12/3

It took me forever to come up with my menu for this week. I’ve been striving to make sure my three meals are more balanced, aren’t too carb heavy and include lots of vegetables.

But for whatever reason, it’s been a pain this week. I paged through a cookbook looking for inspiration and was quasi inspired by a spinach tortellini recipe, but I think I’m going to adapt a pasta recipe of one of my friends instead of using the one in the cookbook.

Luckily, this won’t require too big of a shopping trip because I have a lot of the items in my kitchen already. I try to keep things at about the $40 mark per week, so I rely on big bags of frozen chicken a lot or BOGOs of tuna. What can I say? Poor young professional here.

So, here’s my menu for the week. Nutrition freaks, comment as you will.


Breakfast—oatmeal, milk

Snack – yogurt

Lunch – Boca burger on wheat bread, apple slices w/peanut butter

Dinner – Fish, potato, veggies


Breakfast – scrambled eggs, milk

Lunch – Baked potato w/butter,  milk

Snack – PB on celery

Dinner – Teriyaki Chicken (crock pot)


Breakfast – Oatmeal, fruit, milk

Lunch —  Tomato/mozzarella wrap

Afternoon snack — yogurt

Dinner –  Apple/cheddar quesadilla


Breakfast—Oatmeal, fruit

Lunch –   Soup, salad

Afternoon Snack — yogurt

Dinner –Leftover chicken


Breakfast — Eggs

Lunch – Chicken leftovers

Snack: Apple

Dinner – Spinach tortellini


Breakfast — Yogurt, apple with cinnamon, banana

Lunch – Leftover tortellini

Afternoon snack: Hard boiled egg

Dinner — Soup


Breakfast – Cereal/oatmeal of some sort

Lunch —  Tuna melt

Snack – PB on celery

Dinner–  Leftovers of something

OK, gotta go make some dinner now. Meeting my friends for bowling in a bit. I still want to know if they’ll allow bumper bowling for adults. 🙂

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