Moving Day!

It’s moving day!

Ok, not really, or well, not for me anyway. I’m helping a friend from work move today along with some other coworkers. (I work in a pretty cool office where we’re all friends) So, I’m up extra early so I can get a quick workout in before I head over to help her move. I did have a theory that she and I should just sit and drink wine while direct the boys  where to put the boxes and furniture, but the boys didn’t like that idea too much.

I have a feeling I’m going to just drop by the end of the day.

Anyway, here’s the news of the week before I head out for a 6 mile walk in the freezing cold. It’s only 26 degrees right now. I have had to constantly remind myself that I live in Florida the past few days.  This is crazy!

Well, at least it’s not as cold as it is in my home state of Pennsylvania…

Even Amber, my family dog is wearing a sweater! And though you can’t see it at this angle, it’s actually a Penn State sweater. 🙂

OK, news now. I promise.

Melissa Clark at the New York Times writes about the best vegetable you’ve never had — rutabaga.  Well, she’s right about one thing. I have never had it!

A decade of food in Napa Valley. Does anyone else want to just go hang out at restaurants and vineyards in northern California? I’m pretty sure that would be awesome.

Liars! Researchers at Tufts University say that there are often more calories in restaurant meals and frozen foods than what is reported.

Target and Giada De Laurentiis launch a new line of cooking products. Because I need something else to blow my money on.

Interesting story from the Chicago Tribune about community college classes on cooking and hospitality blossoming.  Everyone wants to be a Food Network star.

Self Magazine did a survey on the healthiest (and unhealthiest) places for women to live. Tallahassee isn’t on the list, but Tampa (aka my favorite Florida city) came in at 77.  And my hometown of Pittsburgh is at 75. Air quality brought us down.

OK, time for the walk, then a quick lunch and moving!


One thought on “Moving Day!

  1. I actually stared at a rutabega in the grocery store today and wondered what the heck it tasted like. Then I opted to stick to buying acorn squash, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes for the roasted vegetables I made today.

    Totally should have tried the rutabega! And after reading that NYT article I so will next time.

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