The problem: My klutziness

The result: I caught an oven mitt on fire while roasting red peppers. I was trying to turn the peppers and got a little too close and well, you can guess what happened.

Don’t worry, no injuries resulted in my pyrotechnic mishap.  Though my oven mitt is looking a little sorry.  All this in the name of making lots of food for an upcoming busy week. I should just stick to sandwiches apparently.

Anyway, this weekend has just been insane. I did get my six mile walk in Saturday morning and then, a few coworkers and I helped another coworker move to a new apartment. Four flights of stairs, lots of boxes, and cold weather later, we were finished.  We all were ready to collapse by the end of it and ordered a family style KFC dinner, which we gobbled up in a hurry. Everyone was starving and more than a little sore.

And I was supposed to get all sorts of things done this morning, but my pipes froze again! I didn’t have water for hours. No me gusta.

But it eventually came back on, and I ultimately made it to the grocery store and started cooking for the week. I’m making roasted red pepper soup ( I ❤ it) and a roast for the weekend.  The soup was first up because the roast is going to cook in the crock pot over night. And it means I get to use my new blender that my sister gave me for Christmas!

Next up: Tangy Beef Roast from Fix It and Forget It. While the soup simmers and before I start in on the beef, I think it’s time for a glass of wine from the bottle I bought for the soup. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fire!

  1. I’m afraid I too have had many close calls with oven mits + fire. Sorry to see that yours actually caught fire, but glad there were no serious repercussions. Would you hate me if I thought the photo was kind of funny, in a good way of course? 🙂

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