Early Morning Meetings

8 a.m. meeting = 6:30 a.m. alarm

Ways to be late: Finding that your windshield is completely iced over. This really should not be happening in Florida. Weather.com says it is currently 28 degrees. This was not the day to wear a dress to work apparently.

Anyway, the 8 a.m. meetings signal to me that my schedule is getting busier. My day job is being a statehouse reporter for an online news service that covers state government. So when the Legislature is at work, so am I. Twelve hour days will start before I know it.  (Luckily, this isn’t all year long. It ramps up now, gets crazy in March/April, and then is over by May 1.

But the biggest challenge with this schedule is keeping a steady/healthy diet. I had several days last year where I’d come home from work and not even eat. I’d just go to bed. Or, I’d go get Chinese or Panera or something.

Now, I’m fairly good at cooking a big dish or two on Sunday so that I can have food throughout the week without relying on take out. But I have my moments where I slip up.

So, while I was waiting for the meeting to start, I typed in “eat healthy” and Google finished with “on the go.” I decided to search that phrase to see what came up.

Here’s what came up on the first two pages that seemed worth looking at…

Shape Magazine’s On The Go page that features healthy snacks, rules of junk food, and the best/worst of restaurant eating.

Five suggestions from ehow.com for eating on the go.

A Yahoo query about eating on the road and regular people’s suggestions.

And… the Harvard School of Public Health showcases the food pyramid and some tips for a healthier lifestyle. It also recommends some recipes.


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