Aah, it’s already a quarter til 7! How did it get so late?!

I’ve been at work since just before 8 a.m. and have been running all day! Well, maybe not running, but walking around a lot at least.

I was going to post this during the morning, but I simply ran out of time between meetings and press conferences. But for morning when you are busy and have run out of the little packets of oatmeal, make your own!

Ingredients: 1/2 cup quick oats, 1/4 cup milk (or more depending on how you want the consistency to be), 1 tbsp brown sugar, lots of cinnamon sprinkled all over it.

Directions: Mix these all together and pop in the microwave for 1:30 minutes.

Really filling, really delicious. How can you go wrong?

OK, really, I am leaving work now. Have to go meet my friend Kyle for happy hour.  See ya later!

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