Lunch Time Blogging!

Happy Friday!!!

Aren’t you so happy it’s Friday? I know I am. After  a few long days, I am ready for a break, so I can recover and get ready to do it all again next week. 🙂

Anyway, I got to come home for lunch today and all I could think about was pasta while I was driving to my apartment. But what happens when you get home and realize you don’t have tomato sauce?


Ingredients: 1 cup whole wheat penne pasta, 1 tbsp butter melted, parmesan cheese, oregano, basil

Directions: Cook pasta as directed, then pour melted butter over the pasta. For the parmesan, oregano and basil, use whatever amount seems good to you. I have determined you can never use too much oregano and basil. And how cheesey you want your pasta is up to you.

I think I would actually make this combo even if I did have sauce around.  I really love the combo of the cheese and spices. It gives it a really good flavoring.  Unlike many of my improvisations, this one works! I’d say it’s a keeper.

OK, gotta go back to the office. I have a story to write!


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