Party Like a Rock Star…Or Not

Hey Saturday, nice to see you!

Hope everyone had a fun-filled Friday.  I was out after work with friends where we engaged in $1 margarita drinking (Or well, I drank ice tea because I’m cool like that), which was followed by game night at my friend Keith’s. It was a male v. female game of Taboo, which has been done before, and usually results in a shouting match between the two teams. We’re a little too competitive.  🙂

Sadly, no pictures because I forgot my camera. Boo.

Anyway, I’m up and ready to go today, though I don’t have much planned. So, here’s my compilation of food/nutrition news from the week!

Post College Cook dishes up her own tips for healthy eating and gives out her suggestions for healthy on-the-go snacks.

Reuters reports that an antihunger coalition is asking for an additional $1 billion per year for child nutrition programs in order to eliminate childhood hunger. This fiscal year, the programs were given $24 billion.

The Palm Beach Post reviews Cook This, Not That, Kitchen Survival Guide, a book aimed at slashing calories and costs in the home shopping budget. An article also showed up in the San Jose Mercury News.

NotionsCapitol releases his list of Blogs With Bite, a look at some entertaining food blogs. This includes one link to an online toaster museum. How could you go wrong?

The French are losing the art of cooking says one of the country’s most celebrated restaurateurs. What would Julia Child say?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution highlights a 94-year-old woman who blogs, Facebooks and cooks a mean pasta fagioli. She also just released “Clara’s Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories, and Recipes from the Great Depression.” That’s one awesome granny. Here’s a video that her filmmaker grandson shot a few years back.


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