New Recipe of 2010 Fail

I guess they couldn’t all be winners.

Tonight was new recipe of 2010 #5 — a chili-rubbed tilapia.  No me gusta.

I found the recipe the other day on the Food Network site and emailed it to myself , so I remembered to make it tonight. I only tried tilapia for the first time a week ago, but last week’s recipe was far better.

This recipe, which was basically a coating of chili powder and onion powder, was not that good. While the cheesy mixture that coated the fish last week brought out the flavor, this sort of quashed it. All I could taste was the chili powder. I was not a fan. I was a much bigger fan of the spinach-apple salad that I paired the fish with.

One thing that may have been the problem was I basically put the fish in a bag with the spices and shook it until the fillet was coated. Had I sprinkled the spices on instead, the flavoring might not have overtaken the entire recipe.

Oh well, can’t win ’em all.  🙂


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