On The Road Again

Greetings from Tampa!

I woke up early yesterday morning and had a nice four hour drive down I-75 from Tallahassee to Tampa so I could attend a meeting of the Florida state university system. I love traveling for work and getting out of the office in general.  But, I have this problem, I eat terribly when I travel, whether it is for work or not.

I occasionally pick up pop tarts when I’m fueling up the car (I discovered there’s  a reason adults don’t eat those on a trip back from Jacksonville a month ago — they’re so sugary that you feel ill afterward). I end up eating restaurant food.

I was pondering how to eat healthier on the road, even if it’s only an overnight trip as mine usually are.  Here’s my thoughts.

* Pack your first meal if you can. I hit the road yesterday at about 8:30, meaning I got to Tampa right around lunch time. The meeting didn’t start until 2 p.m., and I definitely needed food. So, I got out my lunch box.

Lunch = Turkey and mozzarella on 2 slices of wheat bread, a spinach-apple salad, and two clementines.

* Utilize restaurant Web sites. When I go to Tampa for work, I always go to the same place — the University of South Florida. Most of the restaurants around the campus are chains — Panera, TGI Fridays, etc.  And a lot of chains list their nutrition data with the menu. Panera (which is where I usually end up), even has a nutrition calculator, so it can add up all of your items for you. Quite handy.

* If there’s a grocery store around, check it out. A lot of grocery stores have some sort of prepared food that’s a little bit healthier. Publix has sandwiches and salads. Some places even have buffets of healthy food. And if you’re staying for more than a day, get a place with a fridge, so you can store away some food.

OK, I should get to work. Another day of meetings then hitting the road to go back to Tallahassee!


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