Saturday Shorts

Hey guys, happy Saturday!

I know I’ve been a lazy poster the past few days. I’m sorry! It’s been crazy. I got home from Tampa at 10 p.m. on Thursday night, woke up Friday and had to go to a big meeting about the state budget, and then worked until 6:30ish.  This meant a night out, and my fellow young journalists and I wandered to our usual Friday spot for a nice happy hour, followed by a trip to a fun Irish bar called Finnegans, and then finally my friend Lindsay and I declared ourselves in need of some food and went to Applebees. (side note, I tried one of their new healthier options, and it was pretty good)

And now, I’ve got to make this quick because I’m going caving with some friends in a little bit.

* Eating healthy when cooking for one from Diet Blog. I struggle with this sometimes. It’s hard when you’re only cooking for one person to make things proportionately.

* Recipes that take a really, really long time to make from the Guardian.

*  High school students learn to cook and eat healthy from the Washington Post.

* The Chicago Tribune reviews a book that travels through Asia by food.

OK, gotta go get ready for this caving expedition. Have a great weekend!


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