Happy February

Yikes, it’s Feb. 1! (Also my bday month — I turn 25 on Feb. 27.)

I can’t believe it’s already February — or that I’m going to be turning 25 soon — but it’s here.  I won’t lie, not much cooking going on this week, I’m planning on roasted veggies and and brown rice one night, maybe soup another night. Basically, I’m taking a cooking break and being totally unadventurous.

I had my adventure on Saturday with caving in Marianna, Fla. 🙂

But in honor of the start of the month,  here are the best recipes of January!

* Kick ass sesame chicken (My coworker jokingly threatened to break into my apartment to get the leftovers while I was in Tampa)

* Broccoli cheese soup

* Ginger Ale-Ketchup Beef Roast

* Tortellini ( I think this was my favorite)

OK, gotta go! Back to work for me!


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