News, News, News

OK, the newsy items are supposed to come on Saturday, but I was in full relaxation mode yesterday and I chose not to blog or do anything else remotely productive. Well, I did go to the bank, but that doesn’t count.

So, now that I’m recovered from this chaotic week, here’s some news from the world of food this week. 🙂

*The Australian Wine Market is suffering a bit. (Hat tip to my friend Danny — he posted this piece on Facebook) According to the article, “A combination of drought, falling exports and massive overproduction, equivalent to an estimated 360m bottles of unwanted wine, have burst the Australian bubble.” My question is, is to much wine a bad thing?

* A quick blog post from the Baltimore Sun on cooking free foods.

* Alaskan Smoked Porter Braised Short Ribs from Seattle Beer News. It was also cross posted at partner site, The Seattle Times.

* Spanish Chef Ferran Adria is closing his world renowned El Bulli restaurant to focus on discovering new food creations. “Our challenge is: can we go further? What’s the limit? That’s our work,” Adria told CNN.

* Cook your way through Spain. I’d have no problem with that. I went to Madrid the summer after freshman year of college and I loved it. I tried gazpacho for the first time and I ate a lot of bread. There was always bread and fruit in my familia’s house. This is more or less an ad for a  vacation tour. Sign me up!

* Edward Scheider of the New York Times writes about making a lasagna in Italy without the typical tomato sauce and ricotta. Instead, there is egg pasta, ragù bolognese and béchamel sauce.  Sounds good to me.

* And given that it’s Super Bowl Sunday, so I can’t not post something about football food. Here’s Mark Bittman’s post.

OK, time to get moving. I have a six mile walk calling my name, plus some grocery shopping and cooking to do. Enjoy the Super Bowl! Go Saints! (Full disclosure: I’m a Steelers fan, but I just want something nice to happen to New Orleans.)


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