Girl Scout Cookies!

In my younger years (ages 5 -18), I was a Girl Scout. I went all the way from daisies to seniors. I worked at summer camp as a counselor, earned all sorts of badges, and did a lot of volunteer work.

I also, of course, sold the cookies. 🙂

So, I was more than happy to buy a few boxes off of a colleague’s daughter.  My colleague brought them in to work the other day and my samoas are now sitting in my bottom desk drawer (so that I don’t take them home and eat them all!).  Samoas are my favorite. It’s all caramel, chocolate and coconut wonderfulness.  I pretty much like them all — thin mints, tagalongs, trefoils and do-si-dos. I mean, come on now, how can you not like Girl Scout cookies?

But, more importantly, if I can get on my soap box for a moment here, I am a big supporter of Girl Scouts and what it teaches girls. As a member, you get opportunities to travel, make friends all around the country,  and learn leadership and life skills. It also promotes women,  recognizing issues and hardships that women face around the world.

Former Girl Scouts include Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Dole, Madeline Albright, Laura Bush, Sandra Day O’Connor, Barbara Walters, Sheryl Crow, Natalie Merchant, and a whole host of others.

So, a few articles I pulled off the Web on Girl Scouts…

USA Today talks about the Girl Scout viral campaign about “what can a cookie do?” A San Francisco Chronicle blog all features the campaign.

And, a really touching story out of New Jersey. A 5th grader, inspired by her father who is in the National Guard, started asking people to buy an extra box or two of cookies to send to troops in Afghanistan.

Also, just for fun…A link I found last year on Alison’s Post College Kitchen. Homemade Girl Scout cookies!


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