Happy Saturday!

I had a kick-ass kind of week, but it was also pretty stressful. But, it concluded last night was birthday celebrations for my friend Lynn, who turned 25 on Thursday. A group of us hit up Applebee’s, where the wait staff embarrassed her with their bday song, and then went to a popular bar in downtown Tallahassee.

Happy Birthday Lynn!

Anyway, on to the news of the week…

* This seems totally gross to me, but I guess it depends on your culture. An Italian cooking show chef was suspended for his love of cat stew. Remind me to hide my cat.

* The Food Network chiefs are dishing up a new 24-hour cooking chanel, the New York Times reports. My question is, can the market handle that type of saturation? I mean, I love to cook, but I don’t watch the Food Network all that often.

* Another person showing the love for crock pots (slow cookers if you prefer). “Turns out even slow cookers can multitask, turning out everything from breakfast (French toast and peanut butter hot chocolate) to dessert (cherry gingerbread and orange pudding caramel cake.),” writes Rosemary Black in the New York Daily News.  The real point of the article is to give a recipe for a French stew.

* And in awesome story of the day, a visually impaired woman from Florida is set to host a cooking show for the blind.

OK, that’s all for me this morning. I’ve got a nice to-do list with my name on it that includes grocery shopping, gymming and going to the library. TGIS!


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