For The Love Of Fiber

It’s been a pretty easy day here in Tallahassee, but this weather is driving me crazy!

Just as I thought we were heading toward spring, the cold and rain returned. It will be in the 20s tonight. Grrr. (Yes, I know Pennsylvania friends, you’re hating me right now. But I put up with a ridiculously hot summer and creepy crawly bugs, so deal with it.)

Anyway, I digress.  My real point of this blog post was to talk about fiber.  A strange topic, I know, but fiber nonetheless.

I’ve been trying to pay more attention to what I’m eating and I’ve read enough health articles to know that ideally I should be getting 25 to 30 grams of fiber per today. High fiber foods fill you up so you don’t over eat, help control your blood sugar levels and normalize your bowel movements. Ok, the last one is kind of gross, but it is important to your overall health.

Here’s the thing, do you  know how hard it can be to reach the 25 to 30 gram mark??

I admit that I struggle a bit, so I’ve been trying to compile a specific list of foods to keep in my regular diet. Now, there’s the general advice, like eat vegetables, whole grains, nuts. But even though I know this, it doesn’t always help me reach the amount I’m supposed to get per day. I try to eat all of those good foods, but sometimes I just fall short.

So, here’s my list of high fiber foods.

*Quaker Oatmeal to Go and Instant Oatmeal — Both these products have high fiber versions with 10 grams of fiber each. Great way to start the day. I do have a weakness for the oatmeal to go. It’s sugary enough to cure your sweet tooth. 🙂 The regular packets have four or five grams, which is also good.

* Potatoes — According to nutritiondata.com, a large sweet potato has six grams of fiber and a regular potato has seven grams.

* 100 calorie popcorn — I really love popcorn for a snack, and I keep the 100 calorie stuff around (my friend Megan calls it the single person popcorn) so I don’t eat a whole bag of the regular stuff on my own.  The 100 calorie Pop Secret bag has 4 grams of fiber.

* A high fiber bread — I buy Nature’s Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread, which has 5 grams of fiber per piece of bread. So, that makes 10 for a sandwich. If I start the day with high fiber oatmeal and fruit, then have a sandwich for lunch, I’m already at 20 grams.

* The Mayo Clinic also provides a pretty comprehensive list of high fiber foods. Not surprisingly, veggies topped the list. A cup of split peas has 16.3 grams, 1 cup of cooked lentils has 15.6 grams and 1 cup of cooked black beans has 15 grams.

OK, that’s all for me. I have a hot date with an elliptical and Eat, Pray, Love.  Has anyone else read it?


2 thoughts on “For The Love Of Fiber

  1. Thanks for all the fiber info! I start my day off right with two pieces of high fiber toast 🙂 I started reading Eat Pray Love but couldn’t get more than a chapter in… not a fan at all.

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